Press release to launch the collective

Press release
For the right to abortion throughout Europe!
Women decide!

Mobilization throughout Europe around September 28, 2017

In solidarity with all European women, after the exemplary struggle of Spanish women in 2014, Polish in 2016, we demand that women’s rights, freedom to dispose of one’s body, right to abortion and health Are respected in all European countries and are recognized as fundamental rights for equality in Europe.

Today, the right and access to abortion within Europe is a matter for each State. The right to abortion, even when legalized, is forbidden in Malta, under severe constraints in Ireland, Hungary and Poland, may or may be called into question by maintaining the conscience clause of doctors (Italy) The absence of adequate hospital structures (Greece, Bavaria), restrictions on personnel and the abolition of abortion centers during hospital restructuring (France), and in all countries the election of reactionary, conservative and retrogressive governments.

The Feminist and Unitarian Collective “Abortion, Women Decide! In association with numerous European associations and organizations, is mobilizing around 28 September 2017, the International Day for the Right to Abortion, against any challenge to this right, against all reactionaries and obscurantists who oppose women’s rights, For better hospital management, for a law that will inscribe it in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.