Our press release following the death of Simone Veil

Death of Simone Veil

Press release of the Collective

Abortion in Europe, women decide!

Simone Veil died on Friday, June 30, 2017.

Women know what they owe them: the 1974 vote in the National Assembly – after a long mobilization of the feminist movement (MLAC, Manifeste des 343 …) – of the law authorizing the voluntary termination of pregnancy.

For her, as for us today, abortion is a choice that belongs to women.

A choice for which we continue to fight against any reaction to this right against all reactionaries and obscurantists who oppose women’s rights, for better hospital care, for a law that will inscribe it in the European Charter Of fundamental rights.

The feminist and unitary collective “Abortion in Europe, women decide!”, In association with numerous European associations and organizations, will mobilize around 28 September, International Day for the Right to Abortion.

This will be an opportunity to continue the fight led by Simone Weil for the rights of women.

We also call, if possible, to come and follow her funeral.

The Collective “Abortion in Europe, women decide”

Contacts :
Nelly Martin : 06 80 63 95 25
Nora Tenenbaum : 06 88 86 41 42
Véronique Séhier : 06 86 65 25 19

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